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Ceremonies Celebrating New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

FROM £450

Celebrating your transition: gender/divorce/survival (health/trauma), Divorce/reclaiming yourself £450

What the ceremony could celebrate - 

Regardless of whether your separation or life change was by choice or a shock; it’s a new beginning in your life. Lets say goodbye to the old and celebrate your new beginnings.

What services you will include in the cost (conversations, writing, delivery etc) - 

This includes the creation of your ceremony, following up to 5 conversations, the delivery of the ceremony and a written copy.

The type of location or venue it can be held in - 

We can hold this indoors or outdoors at a venue that feels right to you.


For example, you might want to hold this near the sea or a river. There’s a reason water is used in Christenings and Baptisms: water is traditionally seen as a cleansing element.


One way to symbolically show shedding of the old, is by bathing in water, hence cleansing yourself of the past and being reborn. 


We could have a small bonfire and burn items from your past, toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate (with or without Baileys…) to celebrate. 

When it is available - 

I would recommend this be done at times that help with the symbolism of  a New Beginning: 

  • A new moon to harness the symbolism of new beginnings.

  • Alternatively, at dawn, the break of the day.

  • Imbolc (spring time) or Samhain (Halloween)

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Got ideas for a different ceremony?

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